Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tiny baby cardigan

I'm really enjoying the weather we are having this late in Autumn, such beautiful warm sunny days and cool nights,  It's predicted to be around the mid twenties for the rest of this week and then some rain.    Last night I put the applique down, I needed some handwork to stitch this morning while at my quilting group and if I had finished I would have just been sitting chatting and drinking coffee.     What to do, then it came to me, knit a little cardigan for a friends baby girl.   This is a very tiny cardigan, little Lexi was born 1.6kg and  ten weeks early, she is in an isolet cot in the premature babies ward.    I am hoping she will be ok, that she will  gain weight and soon be able to go home with her mum, dad and brother, until then I am knitting a couple of things for her.  The pattern is from an old Patons knitting book I bought when I had my little girls, the wool is "Sullivans Baby touch"  in 4ply machine washable,  there are six 25gm balls in a box of wool that  I was given that were my mums, as I've said is the past, my mum knitted baby clothes for the Maternity wing of her local hospital and I have been waiting for a baby girl to knit for so I could use some of this.  The pattern is in pink but I think the white will be lovely.

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