Monday, 26 November 2012

Last craft day

Sunday was the last craft day for this year, our craft day has been succesful so I'm hoping that we will continue this next year as well.   Our theme for the day was Christmas, and everyone had something different in mind to make on the day.   I saw some cute paper decorations that I wanted to make, I remember my mum having some of these decorations when I was young, they were flat half circles, when fanned open they formed a ball.    The directions for these were simple enough, cut nine 3" circles, fold each circle in half and stack on top of each other, tie these together with cord down the middle of the stack, the idea then was to fan them apart and glue each fold a little from the top and bottom alternating as you glued them together.  I found the glue gun was the best method for this. Once complete run some glue along the edges and sprinkle with glitter. Seemed simple, well, as you know what seems simple is not always that way, it took me all day to complete just two.  Yesterday I managed to make another four, so, I was faster with each one I made.  Taneesha made lovely tags for her gifts, Tanya bought a panel to make an advent calendar, Belinda was making gifts for her sons school friends,  and Jacinta who has always been tinsel mad made a wreath for her home.   Belinda had made some yummy truffles,  as you can guess these did'nt last long.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Vegetable patch

I thought you might be interested to see how my vegetables are growing.   The carrot seeds have sprouted, the beetroot, silverbeet, and tomatoes have taken off, the capsicum is a little slow, but my brother-in-law informs me that they will grow when the soil warms more.   I have peas and beans about to climb the wire fence and cucumbers are now trailing on the ground.   While visiting my sister I noticed my brother-in-law has covered everything in his garden with mesh,  I'm thinking of doing the same thing, although I'm concerned it may prevent the bees from pollinating the tomatoe flowers,  I don't like using chemicals and hope I can go organic. I am very pleased with my little vegetable patch.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas tree skirt

Every Christmas as I unpack the decorations and the tree, I also unpack the patchwork tree skirt I made in 2000.   The skirt is a little faded, but still looks just as beautiful today as it did that first Christmas I layed it on the floor.  The pattern for the tree skirt was in the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine, Volume 7 No. 1.   This pattern was easy to follow and I was able to have it finished in a short amount of time.   The finished skirt measured 491/2" or 26cm.   As I lay it out I think of all past Christmas's and how our family has grown from just the six of us.  My family now numbers seventeen and in early March another addition, I am told this baby will be a boy.   My second eldest son Michael's step-daughter is having a baby, making my son a grandfather and me a great grandmother.  With the five grandsons that I have another boy will fit right in, can you just imagine what fun they will have together.   I am hoping one of my children will provide  me with a granddaughter, I am keen to sew some beautiful dresses and a girlie quilt.   I am looking forward to this Christmas, everyone will be together, my son and his family from interstate will be joining us this year.  It will be wonderful to have them all together, this does'nt happen very often.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fairies and applique

I had a lovely day yesterday, I spent the day with the son that does everything.  We did'nt do much, mostly I just tagged along while he was sent from one place to the next.  It started as a simple thing, build a patio at the back of a house, even though it would be free standing he would need approval from the local council to erect the patio, who then said because of an easement along the back of the property,  he would have to check with our water authority and get their approval.  Then we were sent to a draughtsman who would draw plans with the design and  position of the patio, including the slope of the block.   In the end this simple patio was going to be an expensive excercise, each of the authorities wanted a fee, the most expensive would be the draughtsman who would draw the plans, something in the region of $600.  I wonder what the cost of building something larger would be.
 Today I have been sitting sewing some applique flowers around the outside border of a quilt for my sister, I have to finish this quilt, it is my sisters birthday in January and I would like to give it to her then, she is crazy about fairies, her bedroom has paintings of faires, ceramic fairies, and she wears jewelery with fairies.  This collection has now invaded her living area, fairies everywhere.   This is the quilt I pick up when I just want to relax, once the applique is complete I have a little embroidery to do, then I'll be able quilt it and have it finished.  I still have two quilts to finish for my grandsons.  So much to do, so little time.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Christmas plate

While Taneesha was decorating her plates on Sunday, Jacinta asked if there were any spares she would like to decorate one for her partner Josh.  It took her no time at all to finish this cute plate.  This is such a fun thing to do,  all you need are some cheap plain white plates, we were lucky that Kmart has a pack of ten boxed for $10, and  Sharpie pens of your chosen colour.  Draw your design on to the plate, and if you make a mistake just wipe it off with a baby wipe and start again.  When you are happy with the design, place the plates in a cold oven and heat to 180 degrees for 30 mins. let them sit in the oven with the door ajar until they cool.  The design is now permanent and washable, this would be a great idea for kids to do over the summer holidays, they would be so proud that they have made their own plate. I know that Jacinta is proud of her plate and she is no longer a kid.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A day in the garden and an eclipse

I spent the day outside in the garden, pulling weeds, trimming the edges, and feeding plants.  I have now resorted to liquid plant food for all the plants on the dogs side of the fence, I think they have eaten all the dynamic lifter, (manure pellets)  that I spread over the garden, an expensive snack for them, he he.  This morning it was lovely, lots of sunshine, it was good to be outside, but then it clouded over this afternoon.  I was hoping the skies would be clear in Sydney and Queensland for people that travelled to this part of the world to view the eclipse.  My eldest son Darren, has in the past travelled to different countries to view an eclipse, to record and take photos of this amazing event.  I should say that his job is in the Science field and he is very interested in all things space.   He would very much like to be in Queensland this week as well,  but he now has a young family to consider.  He tells me he is planning and saving to attend the eclipse that occurs in America in 2017.   While outside I didn't see the eclipse, I did'nt look into the sky, I'll watch the evening news tonight to see this one.   I cut some roses to place in a vase on my desk, they are so beautiful, I love Lucetta, it  opens to a beautiful dark pink and then fades to apricot with a subtle frangrance. The darker double pink is Dan Poncet it is a smaller flower with a stronger frangrance, so beautiful.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Girls craft day

Yesterday was as much fun as it usually is, we always have a laugh and everyone had something different to make, this makes it interesting and fun.  As I said in my last blog Taneesha was making place settings for christmas day,  everyone gets to take them home on christmas day.  Belinda was making fabric crayon folders as christmas gifts for the kids at school,  Tanya was painting wooden letters and upcycling an old mug tree, something for her jewelery.   Jacinta came along to enjoy our company, although it wasn't long before she was helping me with the felt christmas tree and decorations.  When I spread the felt to trace the outline of the tree I realised I hadn't purchased enough felt, so it is more like a pine tree than a christmas tree, I don't think the grandkids will mind.  Jacinta did a fantastic job of painting the felt baubles, we used glue glitter, this took awhile to dry but looks great.  The baubles can be removed and placed where ever the children want on the tree, they naturally adhere to the felt. I'm hoping this will keep them away from my decorations.   I have artistic and talented children,  which comes in handy. We will be meeting again at the end of the month, everyone is too busy in December what with shopping, baking, christmas parties and kids finishing school for the year.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Crafty Christmas

felt, glitter glue and sparkly ribbon
 This morning my daughter, Taneesha and I and of course our little tag along Deacon went to Spotlight to buy supplies for craft day tomorrow.  Taneesha has told him before when we go shopping not to touch anything, so I was'nt surprised to hear him say,  from his seat in the back of the car,  "I dont touch anything at the shop"  we both laughed at this, so, so cute.  Tomorrow we will be making items for christmas,  Taneesha will be hosting christmas lunch this year and has decided to make the name settings for the table,  I can't tell you what they will be, because everyone in the family will see them and therefore no surprise.  Every year we make something different, something that each person can take home with them and either put on their tree the following year or can be used during the year.   I have decided to make a felt christmas tree and decorations for the kids to play with,  hoping to keep them away from the christmas decorations.   I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I'm not sure how to attach it to the wall though,  I will have to think about this.   I also have to redo my wreath for the front door, what colour? I'm going to sort through my christmas supplies and see what I have before I hit the shops again.  I need to be thrifty this year, that's why I'm recycling the decorations I already have. Looking forward to seeing what the others are making.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Home again

my son and his beautiful family
I had a wonderful time in Sydney, but, as usual when I go away the time goes by too quickly, and before I know it I'm boarding the plane to fly home again.   It was really lovely to see Isaac and Noah again, I sometimes wish they lived close by, kids grow so fast and I miss so much.   Noah was the perfect little boy at his party and just to prove he is now one year old he has started to take the next step from sitting and rolling to wanting to stand on his feet.   It will be a few weeks before he will be taking any steps but the look on his face when he stands is precious.   Darren and Renee were busy with work, but Renee did find the time to drive me to the home of Jan-Maree from Aussie Hero Quilts.   Jan-Maree warned me before I arrived her house had been taken over by fabrics and all things Aussie Hero, she was right it was everywhere he he, it was so good to meet her and chat over coffee and cake.     I arrived home to find that I had missed the first blooms from my roses, Daniel, the son who does everything,  had been feeding the dogs and watering my garden while I was away told me they were beautiful, of course they are continuing to bloom  and I'll soon have enough to cut and take inside.  The good news is, all my vegetables look great everything is growing even the carrot seeds have sprouted.  Yesterday I picked some young silverbeet and beetroot leaves to add to my salad, yummy.   This afternoon I'm joining a friend for sewing and a chat,  I have some applique that I have to finish so I will busy working on this, then tonight back to sewing the blocks for Aussie Hero Quilts.   I love visiting my family but it's good to be home in my own bed.