Thursday, 9 May 2013

Grandma at daycare

This afternoon mums, grandmas and nana's were invited to my grandson Deacons day care centre for a Mothers day concert and afternoon tea.    My daughter and I sat on those tiny chairs, I wasn't sure I would fit or be able to get back up when the time came but I did.    The children sang some songs they had  learnt, although for some unknown reason my usually outgoing grandson became all shy and was struck with stage fright.    The children then presented their mums with a small gift and some art work with a poem attached about what their mums mean to them.   We then moved outside where afternoon tea consisting of cakes and biscuits were set out on tables in the sunshine.    The children were allowed to go off and play whereby Deacon became his usual self,  running around and playing.     I guess we won't be seeing him on a stage anytime in the future.    I received my first Mothers day gift in the mail today, a lovely card and book voucher from my son and family who are living interstate.     I'm looking forward to Sunday,  and although I no longer receive breakfast in bed I will enjoy spending the day with my kids and grandsons.  I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day for Sunday.

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