Monday, 6 May 2013

A quick pizza dinner

This afternoon my sister and her husband called in for a drink, they were on their way home from a lovely long weekend break in the Grampians, they had been to a food and wine show.     Sampling wines from the wineries around the district, and of course, cheeses, olives, breads and other artisan foods.    They also interupted the sewing day I had planned, I was going to sit and applique all afternoon, they didn't stay long though, just long enough to have a cup of tea and share the lovely biscuits they brought with them and tell me a little about their weekend.  Worried about driving in peak hour traffic they decided to leave, after I waved them on their way, I sat down to pick up the block I had been working on and the phone rang, it was friend who wanted to have a chat.    I decided to think about an early dinner so I could go back to my applique after dinner.  What to have, I felt like pizza, home made of course, but I wouldn't have time to make a dough and let it prove, so I mixed a pita dough and instead of cooking the pita I  rolled it out, placed some of my passata sauce, a little cheese then onion, capsicum and mushroom on the dough and baked in the oven.  Guess what, I like it, a thin crunchy base with cooked vegetables on the top.   Now back to my applique.