Sunday, 19 May 2013

A ray of sunshine

After the depressing week I had last week, what with the death of two people I knew and then little Lexi, and feeling like I wanted to hide in a hole somewhere, I've been stressed over having the solar inverter repaired or replaced.  It is only 2 years old and I am having a battle with the company that installed it.  The added stress caused me to be unwell,  I increased the medication I take for Addisons disease but I didn't leave the house, spent most of it lying on the lounge feeling awfull.   The son who does everything is going to work out something this week.    I have always been able to do everything, I raised five kids and handled everything as a single parent so at times I feel completely useless now.    On a much brighter note one of my grandsons had a sleepover last night and we have had a lot of fun, a ray of sunshine for me, I was able to take my mind off everything else.    I took him to McDonalds for dinner,  I know, I can just hear the moans, but it is not something I usually do, it was a treat, we both had chicken, he had nuggets and I had a grilled chicken roll, chips and of course we bought a caramel sundae to bring home and eat while we watched a movie.    After breakfast this morning, to make up for the junk food I fed him last night, he helped me chop vegetables for soup, which we had for lunch and he decided was very yummy.    This afternoon we had afternoon tea with his mum and my youngest daughter while I taught them to make their nanas scone recipe.  We then had scones with jam and whipped cream, very yummy.    This took me back to when mum taught me her little trick to get those light scones that she always made.    Deacon then went home with his mum and I came home alone, I will miss his company, not to sure about the constant chatter though.
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