Sunday, 5 May 2013

Needle turn applique

This year I made the decision to finish all the UFI's in my cupboard, I'm slowly getting through them and while I have four quilt tops waiting to be sent off to be quilted I'm feeling happy to see this pile diminishing.    I have some sewing on the machine to do but tonight I'd rather sit on the lounge wrapped in a quilt and hand stitch.    With this in mind I searched for the blocks I started in a workshop quite awhile ago and only finished one of the four blocks in this set before packing them away.    This afternoon I have cut out the leaves and will sit and finish block two I hope, I may well fall asleep instead, but will make a head start on it.     The blocks are from Bon Bon designs and the set is called Endearments, the first block is "Juliette", block two is "Beatrice",block three is "Ophelia", block four is "Portia" these are my first attempt at needle turn, silk thread and number eleven needles, as you can see I have a lot of practice ahead of me.   These blocks will never be entered in a competition, only ever displayed in my home so I'm happy to stitch along and hopefully become more proficient.     I have framed the first block and it hangs in the passage of my home,  I'm not sure if I will do the same with the other three or stitch all four of  them into a quilt.     I've taken my stitchery keeper out of hiding, this is a post pac I covered in fabric and use to store my work, to keep my work clean and safe.    I have left one end unsealed so I can store cottons, needles and applique pins inside the pac.

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