Thursday, 2 May 2013

A little sad today

Yesterday while cleaning the house and changing a few things around, I've moved my teapots from a small open cabinet to the hutch,  I found one of my grandmothers tea cups broken.  I have cared for these for over twenty five years and to find one broken is a little sad.  It did have a small hairline crack down one side so I was  expecting this to happen but it doesn't change the way I feel.    This tea set has been used a lot for afternoon teas with friends and my daughters, as a matter of fact it has encouraged my beautiful girls to appreciate the beauty in setting a table with a cloth, making tea in a pot instead of a tea bag, serving some home baked goodies and just sitting and relaxing with friends and family.    My daughters and I get together every few months just for this reason, its good to catch up with each other and discuss the things that have been happening in our busy lives.


  1. Maybe you can glue it back together and just keep it for the pretty, not the functional. I have tea cups and saucers from my Nanny too. They are beautiful as well.

  2. I did think of that but I have decided to wrap it up and use it down the track to finish off my mosiac pavers, Thankyou for the comment Jules