Tuesday, 13 February 2018

New beginings

Hard to believe the time goes by so quickly but, it does and it was recently the third anniversary since my boy Darren died.  It has taken me almost all of this time to find something that resembles normal again in my life.  My family is different these days, as often happens when there is a tragedy in a family, our family did not all grieve together.  It seems our close united group lost one of its leaders and we have been floundering, I'm sure this is partly my fault as my sons death hit me very hard.  We come together for birthdays and celebrations but it is not the same as it once was.
Through all that has happened my eldest daughter met a wonderful man with two small boys, one of them is Deacons age and the other one two years younger.   They became engaged last August and  this April we will have a new baby in the family, I am so excited and secretly wishing for a little girl.  There are now seven little boys in  the family and a girl would be the best news.
I am still quilting, actually it is the friends that I have made through quilting that have been my sanity in the difficult times I have had in the past few years, always a shoulder to cry on and a hug when needed.