Monday, 27 February 2012

Wet weather

On  Monday's and Thursday's I drive to my son Daniel's to pick up my grandson and take him to school. This morning it was raining, while he was was having his breakfast we were discussing wether he would get wet. He told me he used to have an umbrella but he broke it, all of a sudden he ran to his room and came back with a raincoat, it was a little small but he was happy that it would do the job and keep him dry. When  we picked him up this afternoon, even though it had stopped raining he was wearing his raincoat.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


When I was younger I did a lot of knitting, things for myself, and my boys and the odd jumper for my then husband. As my boys grew older they no longer wanted to wear knitted jumpers, they wanted windcheaters. 
I put my knitting needles away, only coming out for the occasional baby clothes. I must admit I did'nt knit for my girls, my mum was busy doing that, she always had a project on the go.
When my girls were teenagers I decided they should learn to knit, my younger daughter (Jacinta) was enthusiastic but the older daughter (Taneesha) not so.
I devised a scheme to bribe them into knitting a scarf for themselves, I would buy the wool and if they finished it I would pay them the grand sum of $10 each, mind you they only received $5 weekly for pocket money, so I thought this was a good enticement. Jacinta was very determined and finished hers but  Taneesha lost interest half way through, and I finished it off a few months later. Jacinta has since knitted another scarf for her boyfriend. While sorting through some books recently I found a baby pattern book, so, I have brought some wool and have started a little jumper for my youngest grandson. Will let you know I how I get on.

Friday, 24 February 2012

A little lamp

Well, as predicted we have a very warm and windy day today. So I would'nt have to leave the house today I went to the supermarket last night to get a few things.  Just recently, I have been doing a few things around the house, I've wanted to do this since I moved here but had'nt. One of these being a lamp for my bedroom, I've looked at a few but either not right or too expensive. While browsing through KMart recently I found a small white shade with a silver base, I knew I could do something with this. Off to Spotlight for beads and glue, a search through my fabric stash and I found a piece of fabric I thought would look good,  about one hour later I had a new lamp for my room.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Busy morning with DJ

This morning I was busy with babysitting my 2yr.old grandson DJ.  He arrived at 9am without breakfast so I whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast while he sat in front of the Wiggles. It is so great to watch him grow, he is becoming a real little character now.  My daughter arrived about 11am while I was making some banana muffins, hate to see fruit wasted. We had lunch and then it was time for them to leave.   After cleaning up inside, I thought I would go outside and finish the weeding I started yesterday, but, it's a bit warm out there, so I think I'll pick up the surprise quilt I'm making for one of my sisters and sew some more of that.