Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Small gifts

Sunday was market day, rugged up in my coat and with my umbrella I set off early to obtain a good parking spot.  After nine o'clock it is really busy and difficult to find a car space.   I was on a mission to find something small, something I could post interstate to my mother-in-law for Mothers Day.  Of course. the first stop is always the coffee van, especially important on wet and cold days to have a hand warmer.  While roaming between all the stalls I came across some gorgeous little hand made pots, these look very Middle Eastern and so beautiful.  I was won over and bought one.  With all my shopping done I was off to meet my friends for a warming breakfast and to catch up on the latest news.   While sitting there chatting I showed my friend the little pot which she thought was beautiful,  I then decided to buy another one for myself.   Would you believe when I went back to the market I couldn't find them,  the stall had packed up during the rain and left, I missed out. Oh, well maybe next time.  
On my last blog I gave you a link to a blog, where I found the instructions for some cute fabric tissue holders, perfect for a handbag and for little thank you gifts.   I also found them on Pinterest so I've pinned them for future reference.   I sewed nine of these in an hour by chain piecing them.  I gave two of them to friends as thank you's, I put one in the parcel for my mother-in-law and I'm not sure who will receive the others.  Sorry about the photos I have taken recently, I'm having a few problems with my camera after my grandson played with it.

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