Thursday, 23 May 2013

Addictive almonds

We have had the most amazing Autumn day here, the cold, frosty, foggy morning has given way to beautiful sunshine.     Since my daughter and grandson left after having lunch with me, I've been sitting outside reading but had to come inside for a drink, it was becoming too warm, and thats when I remembered the almonds I bought yesterday.  I opened the pack of Tamari roasted almonds, tasted a couple and now I need someone to please help me, these are so addictive I cannot stop eating them.    I've said before I am not a sweet tooth, I love everything savoury and crunchy and these are definately savoury and crunchy, I think I could replace a packet of chips for these.   I'm now trying to convince myself that these are very healthy, ok, maybe not in the amount that I have just eaten.   Closing the lid and hiding them in the pantry, hopefully I will forget about them for a couple of days, maybe.

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