Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sorting the fabric stash

Like most, or should I say all quilters I have a fabric stash.   In spite of all good intentions I always seems to end up with fabrics thrown in a large tub, these are usually the fabrics that I have taken from the cane boxes I store them in,  looking for the perfect piece that will be used for the current project, or the leftover pieces from a past project added to the tub to be sorted and put away later.  Of course later becomes much later, and then the recently purchased fabric is added to the pile and the tub is full.   While I am house bound for a couple of days I have decided to tackle the tub, having just had a look I think I need more cane boxes, am I procrastinating, surely I have enough, I'm just starting to think that I'm not really into doing this job today, maybe another cup of tea while I think about it.  While I'm thinking about this, I should think about rearanging the room so that I have more light when I work, ok, it's official this has been put off till another day.

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