Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Missing pillowcase

Breamlea collection from Grandeur
I was in Target shopping for new linen today, why, oh why, does it take so long to buy what you want.  I was looking for something pretty but not girlie, after all it was for the spare room and this I found wasn't going to be easy,  so many quilt sets but not much in light colours that were'nt runched or frilly.  Finally deciding on the quilt cover set I wanted it was off to look through the sheets. These don't come as a pack anymore, oh no, you have to buy a flat sheet and then try and find a matching fitted sheet.  That done I then needed pillowcases, I knew that there would be two with the quilt set but I wanted a plain colour to contrast with the quilt.  This was becoming something of a drama and with no staff around I ended dropping everything on the floor and standing on the first shelve to go through them, you see, the pillowcases are on the top shelf,  not in any order and anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a shortie.  Finally mission accomplished and off to the register to pay.  Feeling very happy with my purchases until I unpacked everything to wash them, and found a pillowcase from the quilt set missing,  not happy now,  I phoned the store whereby I'm assured they will call around and find another one.  Outcome is that there isn't one, no more of this set anywhere. They will offer me a plain set of pillowcases as replacement, I asked if it would be in the same range as I purchased,  if I want these I will have to pay an extra $7-00 what, I have to drive back to the store by Friday and pay for them, ok it's only $7 but it is their stuff up.


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    1. Shazza no I'm not, I was thinking I will just take the quilt set back, after all what good is one pillowcase. Argh the thought of looking for something else.