Thursday, 19 July 2012

Finishing what was started

A treasure trove of squares
I have three sisters who are each very talented in their own way, but I am the only one who inherited my mothers craft gene, so when mum passed away five years ago it was decided I should be the one to have all her craft supplies.  At the time my life was very busy and so the boxes with mum's things were just packed inside a cupboard.  Overtime I have often thought about looking through these boxes but then I became unwell and once again they were left in the cupboard.  Five years have flown past and I have been feeling very guilty that I have not looked through mums things.  This morning I decided I would open one of the boxes that contained mums crocheting and wool.  She was part of a group of ladies that knitted and crocheted small things for the hospital Auxilliary, little things like babies jumpers, cardigans, bootees and shawls. The left over wool was then crocheted into small squares or flowers to be used at a later date. Once I had looked through what was there I found a lot of squares of the same colour,  there was enough for me to be able to finish at least two small blankets.  I hadn't used a crochet hook for a number of years but it has been easy to pick up and now I feel good that I will be able to finish what mum had started.

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