Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Craft and good company

Cars glued and waiting to be sprayed blue

Yesterday was our second family craft day, we had decided this craft day would be all about frames and what could be done with a simple photo frame. We all had different ideas and I must say that everyone of them look good, two of them are even functional. Once the glue gun was plugged in, the paint, brushes and other equipment layed out we did'nt stop except for a small break when we grabbed something to eat and drink.   Belinda had a large bag of blue buttons that she used to shape into the letter 'O" and then hot glued into place, this looked beautiful.   Tanya decided she needed something to hang her hair ties and hairclips from, she painted her frame then attached lengths of ribbon to the frame, then using a small piece of metal that Taneesha had over from her project, covered this in scrapbooking paper.  Then the knobs were painted and screwed in to the bottom of the frame.   Taneesha decided that her frame would be a magnetic board, once painted,  scrapbook paper glued over the sheet metal,  then small magnets glued to the back of her makeup containers, she then lightly sandpapered the frame to give it an antique look.   I have been collecting plastic animals and cars over the past few weeks, and had a look through the kids toy box for things that would be appropriate for the frames I wanted to make.   I  decided to glue these onto photo frames and then spray paint over the whole frame so it would be one colour, another coat of paint and these will look really good in my grandsons bedrooms.  Just like the last craft day the time went by so quickly  and once again it was about five o'clock before we were packing up.  Next month we have decided to do our own thing again, but I'm really looking forward to November when we will be making all things christmas.
first coat of paint

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