Thursday, 26 July 2012

New dresses for the dolls

Isbella in her old clothes, the material for her new outfit and the new containers
Now that I'm re-organising the craft room I've decided on a whole new colour scheme, everything from frames, stationery, boxes and storage are having a makeover.  This will include a few of the rag dolls I made years ago, since moving into this house they have lived in the cupboard out of sight, I am making new clothes for them and then they can go on display once again.  I went shopping today and found a beautiful floral print, at first look I wasn't sure of the size of the print but I kept going back to look at it and so decided to buy this along with a beautiful light aqua blue.   I don't have the pattern  for the dolls and their clothes any more so will have to unpick the original dress and jacket and cut the pattern from them.  I have been painting some food cans and jars, and I have decorated the cans with ribbon and old brooches, these will be used  for knitting needles and the jar will look great with fresh flowers, when we have some, I can't wait for Spring, I'm so over this cold winter.

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