Thursday, 12 July 2012

Beginings of a tea party

Taneesha's tea set
I have a beautiful china tea set that belonged to my grandmother, something I had admired for a long time while growing up.  When I was young this set was used on a daily basis, no mugs were ever used by my grandmother.  After my grandmother died my sisters and I were asked if  we would like to have something as a memory of her, of course I asked if I could have the tea set.  This set consists of unmatched tea cups, saucers, and side plates, all beautiful bone china, and so precious to me. This set lives in a glass cabinet and is taken out when I have girlfriends over for lunch or afternoon tea, no men allowed to touch, no big fingers would be able to hold these cups.   My daughters love these pieces as well and have grown up seeing the special effort I make when these are taken from the cabinet.  Only the lace cloths, silver cutlery and crystal sugar bowl with a vase of flowers are appropriate for this special set.  Last year with my eldest daughters birthday imminent and not sure what to buy her, I saw a beautiful cup and saucer with an oriental design, this would be the start of my daughters own tea set.   I purchased several pieces along with a tea pot, creamer and jug.  Of course, I have two daughters so this week we went shopping to buy my other daughter her starter set, both these sets can be added onto, so now I'm waiting for my invitation to afternoon tea.
Jacinta's tea set

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  1. What a gorgeous tea set...I love it...and what a special memory...hugs Khris