Friday, 6 July 2012

The plastic collar

Tyler looking confused
Yesterday morning my one year old schnaunzer cross Tyler, had a visit to the vet, it was about time for him to be desexed.  He is still very much a puppy, jumping and bouncing everywhere until we walked inside the door at the vets and then he was very quiet, no-one would have guessed that he was'nt this well behaved all the time.   When I went back later that afternoon he was very happy to see me albiet very confused about the plastic collar he had attached to his neck.  This has given me a lot of laughs as he becomes used to this collar, he hasn't been able to judge the distance he needs to enter doors, to find his food, turn corners or sit down.  When he follows  me he keeps catching me on my heels with the collar.  My dogs are inside, outside dogs but they always sleep in their kennel under the back patio, curled together for warmth.  Not last night, I was advised to keep him inside for a couple of nights, which meant both of them.  It was a cold frosty night, I know,  I was outside a couple of times during the night waiting for him to pee, you see if I did'nt stand outside with him he just stood at the door looking at me and would'nt go.  Cold or not they are both outside tonight.

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