Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cleaning the craft room

before the clean out

Once I began to sort through my mums things I looked at my craft, computer, spare room and thought it is time to sort this mess out.  I need more storage, maybe this will encourage me to put things away when I have used it, if it actually has a place where it belongs.  I have shelves but I usually just put it on any available shelf and as you can see apart from the magazine holders everything else is just stuffed in. I have transferred everything to the bed  in the another room while I decide what to buy and where to put it all.  My son and his wife have moved my shelving and table to the other side of the room, the table will be under a window so I will have more light to work with.    I'll also need another table to extend my work area, my computer uses most of the existing table, and there is'nt any room for my sewing machine. I usually set up on the kitchen table and this defeats the purpose of having a craft room. The  shelves and table unit  were purchased from Ikea so a shopping trip back to Ikea to find another table of the same height and colour is in order. I might find some storage solutions as well.

the bed stacked high

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