Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cooking for the freezer

Osso Busso, Bolognese and Lemon Chicken Tagine
 Only 4 degrees inside the house this morning, aaagh so cold,  I threw on my gown and slippers, put on the heating, grabbed a magazine and a cup of tea and jumped back into bed till the house was warm enough.  While flicking through the current issue of Better Homes and Gardens I came across the slow cooked meals section, I don't have a sow cooker but these recipes can be cooked in the oven, what better way to spend a cold day than with the oven on and cooking a few meals for the freezer while also warming the kitchen.   I have an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday, normally I'm a scardey cat at the best of times but now with Addisons I'm worried how my body will react to the stress of having two molars pulled.  With that thought I realised that a few meals in the freezer as standby would be a good idea, something soft that doesn't have to be chewed much.   The smells in the house are amazing, I have osso bucco, bolognese sauce, and a morrocan lemon tagine all cooking, I have also made lasagne sheets, I'm going to freeze half of the bolognese to use for a pasta meal later on and make a lasagne with the rest.  I will have to rearrange the freezer because I also cooked a pot of soup during the week and I have enough for lunches for next week.   Last night while watching a movie I managed to finish knitting another beanie for my grandson Isaac, I will be able to post these tomorrow. Time to put the knitting away for awhile, I have so much quilting to finish.

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