Monday, 30 July 2012

New shelving unit

Repositioned unit and table

My craft room is coming together, I have sorted through all the boxes and I'm proud to say I have been cruel to be kind, so much has gone. I had things I had kept because I might have needed them one day, well I'm not getting any younger, not too many one days left and besides I still have enough to keep me going for a long time yet.  I purchased a new flat pack shelving unit today, which meant my son was roped in to help put this together, this one is going inside the wardrobe, I think I will need another one but I'll see how much I can fit on this before I go and buy another unit.  I have new light shade, a bit of bling but I have high ceilings and will have to wait till one of the boys can do this for me.  I don't have a view from this window, just a colourbond fence and last night before going off to sleep I was thinking about this, I always seem to do my best thinking then.  Today while at Bunnings I looked at some big terracotta troughs, these would fit along that  corridor outside the window.  My son has several pieces of trellis that are'nt being used so I have asked him if I can have them, once painted and secured against the fence I think a climbing rose growing over them would look lovely.

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