Saturday, 28 April 2012

Coffee with a friend

I know this beautiful Autumn weather is not going to last much longer, so today I decided to go and visit a friend rather than stay at home. The friend I had in mind still works full-time so I don't see her very often. The conversation over coffee went on longer than I thought it would, it was good to catch up, we used to be next door neighbours and our kids played together, we have seen them grow up. We have both moved on from that neighbourhood but have remained friends.  So we keep in touch every couple of months either by a phone call or over a coffee. As it was getting late I decided to visit my son, daught-in-law and two grandsons, but, before I could do that I stopped off at the bakery for Connors favourite snack, a jam filled donut.  I realised their car was not in the drive when I approached the house, I thought someone might be home so knocked on the door anyway.  My eldest grandson was home alone, being a teenager  he has been given more responsibilty and this is one of them. He made me a cup of tea in exchange for his donut and we sat and had a chat for awhile, I became aware that he had been playing a computer game and he seemed anxious to get back to it, so I made him  promise not to eat his brothers donut, he laughed and said goodbye. Should I check that Connor received he's donut? lo
My friends son has been making improvements, he's now aware of his surroundings and of the equipment and tubes, although he can't express what he is feeling, apart from some anger, the signs are good that he will recover. The doctors are hoping to remove the tracheotomy this weekend and maybe transfer him to a ward in the next week or so. He is going to have a long road to recovery but we are hoping it will be a full recovery.

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