Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I finished my little grandsons jumper today, I'm relieved that I persevered and finally worked out the pattern . Why is it though that there is always wool left over, enough in this case to knit a small beanie to wear with the jumper.  I am involved with a small group of women who meet once a week to have a chat, a cuppa, and also do some craft. Today it was at Jenny's house so when I finished sewing the sleeves to this little jumper she went to find a pattern book of knitted hats and scarves. I was surprised to see that her book was one my mum had once, it was an old book but some of the patterns are relevant still today. I have borrowed Jenny's book on the promise that I will return it when I have finished. We do cherish the things that we have had for a long time or those things that have been handed down through the family. On the way home I called into the craft shop to look at more pattern books, and then bought some wool. While I'm in the mood for knitting I think I will be putting the quilting and stitching away for a little longer.

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