Friday, 27 April 2012

Photo shoot

I have just had a wonderful day with my two daughters. Yesterday Taneesha asked if I could keep this afternoon free, thinking she needed me for babysitting I said I would.  Then she asked me to dress up, with makeup, because her and her sister Jacinta would be picking me up at about 1pm.  My first thought was for lunch, but, I wasn't sure. I still wasn't sure when we drove up the highway to Bacchus Marsh a little town further on from us. My mind was ticking over as we drove through the town to a housing estate and parked outside a private house. As she turned the engine off,  she looked at  me and said that they wanted to give me a photo for Mothers Day but they needed me to be involved, so it would be an early surprise. We would be having a photo shoot together, I was surprised,  it was the last thing I would have thought of,  but we have just had a very fun day, lots of laughs and love. We then stopped at a cafe on the way home for coffee and cake. Love my girls, you are the best.

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  1. what a fantastic present. something for you all to treasure forever and a fun afternoon. love the idea, just might steal it.