Saturday, 21 April 2012

Caring for ourselves

My family and friends are all aware that I have Addisons decease and have been making a big effort to look after myself.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are now big on my shopping list, I love my fruit and vegetable juices during the day, and the vegetable salads and meals that I'm now eating.  Yesterday Teej, rang to ask if she could borrow the broom I use for outside, and could I drive it over to her house, she was busy. Well so was I, but then she offered  a bribe, she had a book she thought I would like to read. The book turned out to be the Womens Weekly Detox book, so today being a lovely sunny autumn day I have been sitting outside reading it.  I don't want to detox but it also has some yummy vegetable recipes as well as a few juice recipes. I am going to stock up on a few more beans and pulses, especially now that it is soup weather, I love home cooked soups.  More on the subject of looking after ourselves, my son Michael has recently given up smoking and cut down on his drinking, he turned thirty nine this year and thought it about time he started to look after himself.  Things where going well until he woke up on Thursday morning with Bells Palsy, not severe, but not a very pleasant thing to have, he is on steroids to reduce the infection and hopefully it will only be a couple of weeks.
For those who follow my blog, the latest news on my friends son is that he is making very small improvements, he has been taken off life-support, so he is breathing on his own. Will keep you updated.

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