Friday, 13 April 2012

Cooking dilemma

We have another family get together tomorrow, this time to celebrate my dad's 85th birthday. Lately all our get togethers have been bring  a plate. We are a quite a large family with kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren so, it is a bit much to ask the person who is hosting to privide for all of us. Now, what do I prepare, I'm babysitting DJ over night so it will have to be cooked tonight because I will be busy with him in the morning.  It is also a 45 minute drive to my sisters. What will be tasty tomorrow?  I've thought of a rice noodle salad, prepare all the ingredients, but keep the dressing in another container. Pork ribs is another option, or honey chilli chicken, will they still they be ok tomorrow?  I still have a couple of hours to decide.
I realized I did'nt have a gift, what do you buy a man of his age who just goes out to buy anything he wants. It had to be a voucher, and as he is still gardening it was off to Bunnings. Of course I can't go into that store without browsing, so I have come home with another plant, I had a corner in the family room that was calling out for a plant. It does look good.

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