Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Life is precious

During this past week I have learned that the son of a dear friend is in the Intensive Care Unit of one of our hospitals and is on life support. This young man was fooling around, along with his mates on some very large pipes (4metre high) when he stood on what he thought was a grate and fell through. It is known that he has some brain damage but to what extent will not be known till he is conscious. I feel so helpless, my friend and her family are suffering and there is not much I can do. I would love to be able to take away her pain but all I can do is hope that he will recover and be the same young man that he was. It is going to be a long road to recovery whatever the out come, so I will be there to help her in whatever way I can. If only these young people, when in their cars or just mucking around with their mates,  didn't believe that they are invisible and  realised that life is precious.

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