Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anzac Biscuits

Today was Anzac Day and as well as remembering all the men and women who have died or been   wounded in past wars, we celebrate the birth of the Anzac biscuit. It has become a tradition that we eat these hearty moorish little biscuits about this time every year.  During the first World War there were food shortages and rations, the countries women needed to bake a biscuit that would stay fresh for a long period of time, taking into account the limited resourses that they had at hand, after many trials the Anzac biscuit was born. These biscuits were often sold to buy small necessities for themselves or their loved ones serving overseas. This was how their name came about. These biscuits were also included in parcels shipped to foreign places as food supplements for there husbands, sons and brothers  to let them know that their women back at home were thinking of them.
In recent years the company that bakes anzac biscuits has been producing a commemorative tin of the different services and some of the wars fought. In the future these tins will become collectors pieces.
Mini Master Chef (thankyou Tanya for the photo)
My young grandson Connor, along with his dad made his first batch of anzac biscuits today, he asked me to afternoon tea to sample what he had baked.  A nice way to spend a cold wet autumn day in front of their log fire eating biscuits and drinking tea. Good job Connor.

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