Monday, 16 April 2012

Composting bin

unpainted compost bin
A few years ago our local council replaced our garbage bins with new recycle, green waste and rubbish bins. They did'nt want the old bin back, so what to do with it, for a time it was washed out and used for the garden tools.  After moving into this house I  realised that my compost bin was left behind at the old house,   I've been meaning to buy a new one  but it always slips my mind until I throw the vegetable waste in the bin.  While lying in bed I came up with an idea ( I do my best thinking in bed), the old bin could be cut down, meaning the wheels and base would have to be cut off.  A phone call to my son, he arrived with the angle grinder and promptly cut the bin apart. Now I have a compost bin with hinged lid, ok, the green and yellow isn't exactly eye-catching but, maybe, when some of the plants grow you might not see it.  Today it was off to Bunnings for some manure and straw and now I have a start on compost for my garden. I am having a feel good moment, all the waste from the juicer and the vegetable scraps will  be in the compost bin instead of the council land fill.


  1. always glad to help mum :D

  2. Couldn't you have painted the bin before putting it in?

  3. I suppose I could have but i was in a bit of a hurry to get it set up, I looked at it this morning and can feel heat coming of it so it seems to be working. thanks for the comment Busy Kitchen Mum.