Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kitchen magic

While I was cleaning the kitchen this morning, I suddenly thought I had to tell you about the little cloths I use.   I've been useing these for just over a year and love them, they really are magic little cloths, you see one side is microfibre ribbed and the other side has a mesh fibre.  They can clean almost everything, including my non stick pans, the mesh is wonderful at cleaning stuck on food without scratching the surface.  I have used microfibre cloths for years because I don't use chemicals, ever since I was employed in a food proccessing plant that also used chlorine as a disinfectanct.  I have always purchased my cloths from the Reject shop, because I use so many I found these to be the cheapest and although they may not be the same as the more expensive cloths, they are good.  This is where I found the little kitchen cloths, a pack of two for just $3 and they are great.     I occasionally soak them in a little Napisan, but usually they just go in the wash with the teatowels, and they are ready for another day.   This is not a paid endorsement, I'm just happy enough with these to tell you about them.

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