Friday, 29 March 2013

Baking for easter

My family will be celebrating Easter Sunday with my son this year, we"ll each take a plate to contribute to the meal.     I've decided to cook a beef and red wine casserole in my new slow cooker,  I've added mushrooms and a sprig of rosemary and believe me the smell is wonderful.    Why is it that casseroles and stews always taste better the following day.     This is one reason why I'm cooking it today, that and the fact that I'm also making the easter cake which will be one of the desserts served tomorrow.     While browsing on Pinterest a few days ago I came across a wonderful cake, it was decorated as a tree stump with a rabbit at it's base, I'm not a cake decorator, I've made nothing more than my childrens birthday cakes before, and so I don't have any of the equipment that would be needed to make this.
joined with marshmallow frosting, waiting to be decorated
My thoughts were that I would make do with what I have, improvise.   I baked four cakes, each one a different colour, pastel green,blue,yellow,and pink, as they cooled I set about making a marshmallow frosting to join the layers together.    This was a workout, beating sugar and egg whites over simmering water for fifteen minutes, then for another five while it cooled.  I've joined the layers together, and cut a recess in the top layer, I will show you the iced cake tomorrow.    I don't expect a masterpiece, but,  I'm sure my family will like it anyway.

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