Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Applique and embroidery

I have just finished stitching block seven of  Leannes House by leanne Beasley, and I love this block, it measures 15" X 15".  I loved the applique in this block, I replaced the original embroidery in the basket with needle turn applique and it has turned out the way I hoped it would.  Now to start block eight and nine, then to get these blocks sewn together and the top finished,  I can't wait to see it finished and hanging in my bedroom
This morning I attended the quilting group, I am going to rejoin, it is giving me the motivation I need to finish the UFI's I have in the cupboard.  I took this block with me to finish stitching a
heart onto the block and one of my old friends came to have a look, "oh", she said." I haven't finished this one either" I was surprised, this woman is prolific with her quilting, I don't feel so guilty now.

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