Sunday, 3 March 2013

A glass or two of wine

I have had the worst month. My eldest son who had surgery several weeks ago, now has to start radiation and chemotherapy later this week.  The biopsy result was not the result we wanted to hear, and I certainly did not want him to have to go through the treatment that he will now be having.  As a mother this is a big one, to know that one of my children has cancer and will have to face months of further treatment.  The distance between us is also something I am now finding hard to cope with, sure I can pickup the phone and talk to him, but so much is said in an expression that isn't said in words.  I am planning another flight to visit him and to help with his young family.   I know in my heart he will face this challenge head on, have a complete recovery and a great future with his young family.     I have kept myself busy in the garden over the past few weeks to keep from thinking about everything he will have to deal with.   
The son who does everything has had a virus over the past two weeks, and after several visits to the doctor he was still no better, he was sent to the hospital yesterday and spent the afternoon on a saline drip, make that three drips.    He is at home again and feeling a lot better than he has over the past two weeks.    Daughter number one has had some personal issues to deal with,  and so, I have been spending more time with my grandson.   I have cared for him all day after an overnight stay, she had an early start at work this morning, and thought it would be easier for him to stay with me.     I feel emotionally and physically worn out,  I need a long holiday or maybe a glass or two of wine, I have just poured a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, from Oyster Bay in New Zealand, a friend left half a bottle of this wine a couple of weeks ago and I really like it, so I have just bought another bottle.   I usually only drink at functions, and then,  it is only a glass or two, at the moment I feel like I need to numb my brain, eat dinner and have an early night.  Maybe then I can face tomorrow.

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