Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Carrots and tops

Chantenay Red Cored, the seeds are early maturing and can be sown from Winter through Autumn
I've pulled the last of the carrots from the garden, peeled and blanched they are now in bags in the freezer.  I  have six bags of carrots, some of the small carrots I left whole and cut the rest so I can use them in soups and casseroles, these will be enough for a couple of months.  I also have a bucket full of tops for the compost bin.   I removed the ice trays from the freezer to fit them  and everything else in, and now  I wish I hadn't because today we are having another very warm day for Autumn, 35 degrees celcius and I would just love an icy cold drink.    I was watching television last night and saw on the news that Europe and America are still having snow, they should be well into Spring, what the heck is going on.    Surely it has to be global warming, it amazes me to think that there are still people out there that doubt this is happening.

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