Wednesday, 19 June 2013

No more baking for me

I have gained three kilograms in the past two weeks, I know why, all the baking I have been doing.    Well, it's not just the baking, it's all the sampling of the cookies and cakes that I have been baking. Needless to say that there will be no more baking for me, unless for an occasion.    Maybe I need to stitch my mouth, I definately need to stop and think before I put anything  into my mouth.     I have just written a food plan for this week, you see my biggest problem is leaving everything to the last minute, usually when I'm already hungry and then I eat whatever I can put together quickly.    Living alone has done this, I don't need to plan meals for the week anymore, no family to cook for,  well that has to stop.     I don't like to eat as soon as I wake in the morning, I think this started when I used to get the kids ready for school, instead of gulpy something down while making school lunches I would wait until they had left in the morning.    With this in mind I decided to make my breakfast something substanial and then have a bowl of soup or something small for lunch and then a small portion of fish, chicken or meat and vegetables or salad for dinner.    Breakfast this morning was going to be mushrooms on toast until I was speaking  to my son who said he had eggs, damn,  now I want egg.    My revision became mushroom, chopped spring onion, silverbeet,  I sprayed some oil  in a small pan cooked everything and then broke an egg into the middle, placed the lid over the pan to steam the egg .        I wasn't sure it would taste good, but with some salt and pepper it was yummy.


  1. Sounds like a great plan Wendy!! I love the new blog format looks really good!! Love Laura

  2. Thankyou Laura, yes it seems like a great plan, I've succeded in keeping to the plan today. Jacinta just rang and invited me for a family dinner to celebrate Josh's birthday this weekend. I may need to talk to myself before I go. Have a great day, Love Wendy