Thursday, 27 June 2013

Addisons Disease

I was diagnosed with Addisons disease in June 2011, I had never heard of this disease before then, apparently I am one of the one in one hundred thousand people to have this disease, so it is quite rare.    Is there someone else out there who has this disease, I would like to find out how you manage this, what effect it has on your daily life.    I found out the hard way  that I had Addisons disease, I had an Addisons crisis, after three days  in I.C.U in hospital  I was given my diagnoses. This was after three years of consulting doctors to give me a reason as to why I was so unwell,  losing weight, losing muscle, depressed and not connecting with family and friends.     I should add I don't have a functioning thyroid, I take medication for this as well as Hydrocortisone and Florinef.     How has this affected your life, how do you manage daily,  do you have a food plan,  an excercise plan, are you able to work.    Today while out shopping with my son I had to ask him to take me home, I just felt unwell, once at home I doubled up on my medication and slept for a couple of hours and now feel ok.   Hope to hear from someone out there.

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