Tuesday, 18 June 2013


While packing my old Elna sewing machine away this morning I discovered my walking foot, I had looked everywhere for this, except in the tool caddy with this machine.     I use my old machine for repairs, like hemming my dads jeans, pyjamas etc.,  the last time the Elna and the walking foot were used, it was to sew a binding onto a quilt.  That would be several years ago, and that would be why it was in this caddy and not with my new sewing machine.   The son who does everything and I drove to my dads to deliver the jeans I had hemmed,  when we arrived  my dad had lunch almost ready, soup and homemade sausage rolls, he has become a very good cook since mum passed away and he has to look after him self.   After lunch I made a double batch of scones and rang my sister and her husband to come over to dads for afternoon tea.    My brother-in-law had asked me to make devonshire tea for him, scones, jam and cream.     It was nice to see them again,  I have seen more of my sister in the last few weeks since she has been off work than I had in the past year. 

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