Thursday, 6 June 2013

Connors stars and planets

"Outer space" by Camelot fabrics
 This is the year I am determined to finish all the UFI's in my cupboard,  having found a finished quilt top that I had sewn for my grandson Connor,  I picked him up after school, and we drove to the fabric shop for him to choose which fabric he wanted for the back of his quilt.     He was like a kid in a lollie shop, he sure took his time, looking at almost every bolt of fabric,  all the while I was trying to direct him to the fabrics I thought would look good but he was not interested.       The women behind the counter then suggested a fabric she thought would be just right, and the bonus,  this fabric is glow in the dark, you should have seen his face.    Of course, we all know how this ended, with me buying this fabric for his quilt and one very happy little boy.     I've just washed the fabric and am waiting for it to dry, before l cut and re sew to fit the front and then it will be sent off  to be quilted.  I've mentioned before I don't hand quilt the kids quilts, I think they wear better when they have been machined all over.  Something I don't do.

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