Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A busy long weekend

Donuts for morning tea
The past weekend we had a three day break, the  Queens birthday holiday.    I wasn't planning on doing much but  I did have a busy weekend.   Deacon stayed overnight on Friday, I took him to the shops with me on Saturday morning to buy a few things, and yes,  I was talked into buying something for him.    Grandmas are allowed to give into a little boys demands, now and then.    We bought another DVD for the collection I have here, his choice, Fireman Sam, once this was purchased we had morning tea and of course  he was then in a hurray to come home and watch the new movie.     On Sunday one of my sisters and her husband drove over to visit and took me out for lunch, we had a lovely day.    This sister has recently had hip surgery and is still on crutches, she sent me a message the week before telling me she was bored, a few minutes later I received another message "I'm really bored".     I might have mentioned my sisters are not crafters, not one of them sew or knit or so I thought, then I had a memory of us as teenagers knitting our own jumpers.     So it isn't a matter of not knowing how to, just not wanting to.     I purchased some wool, found a set of my needles and a pattern and gave them to her, telling her I wanted to see a scarf.  I was under the impression she was having problems so sent her a text saying I would finish it for her.  Surprise, surprise she was wearing the finished scarf when I saw her on Sunday, I'm proud to say my sister crafts.  Sunday night was dinner with the son who does everything and his family, they had the wood burner going and it was warm and cosy, a wonderful meal  to finish the weekend.

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