Sunday, 21 July 2013

Another amazing weekend

This has been an amazing weekend!  Firstly, I have become a great Aunt again, and my sister is a Nana for the second time.   My sisters son and daughter-in-law have welcomed another baby boy into this world, on the same day as  my grandson Connors 9th birthday.    This little boy will make seven  great grandsons for my dad, I might add poor old dad had four daughters, no sons, I'm sure he would have loved a son.   We have a mix of twelve girls and boys in the second generation but this new generation has been all boys.   We are know taking bets on who we think will have the baby girl and break this run of boys.       

 My quilting group held a midnight madness sewing and quilting evening on Saturday, we arrived in dribs and drabs from 2-3pm and were supposed to finish at midnight, but some of us including me gave in and packed up early.    We left nine intrepid ladies to sew, I'm not sure if they made the distance.    It was 10-30pm when I gave in and decided to head on home to my bed, only when I did go to bed I couldn't sleep, too much to think about,  it was close to two before I finally dozed off.     It was a fun night, lots of sewing, talking and laughing, not to forget the amount of food, snacks, and lollies we indulged.      My supposed weight loss has just hit another snag, I did eat way to much, and to top it off  this afternoon I had birthday cake as well.    The weather turned bitterly cold on Friday, my girlfriend who lives about forty kilometres away, woke up to snow on the ground, and as it hardly ever snows where she lives it must have been very cold overnight.     We had some great rainfall, so much that the parkland across from my house now has a lake.     This afternoon I attended a jewelery party, there were some beautiful pieces but, I was very good and only purchased a pair of earings.    I have a family wedding to attend in September and these will be perfect with my silver bracelet.    I have some soup simmering on the stove for dinner, I'll watch some television and then I am having an early night.

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