Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Winter sunshine

Taking advantage of the winter sunshine today, I have spent some time outside tidying  the back patio.    The dogs kennel and their day bed is in this area and it becomes a bit of a mess, what with dog hair, and the bits and pieces Tyler drags into his bed to chew on.    After a quick pick up and a sweep it looks so much neater, for how long I can only guess.    In this area I have a pine unit on the wall, this was taken from the old house and now houses plants and a few bits and pieces.    It has been a beautiful winters day and I,ve enjoyed being outside in the sun,  it is lovely but we need more rain, the garden is very dry.    My eldest son and family are flying down from Sydney this weekend to spend some time with us, and of course, take in an AFL  football game while here.  He is currently taking the next round of chemotherapy and has felt well enough to go back to work a few days a week     I'm looking forward to seeing them, and so I will be breaking my baking hiatus to bake some cookies and slice to have on hand for them.    I have also arranged a family dinner on Sunday night, I've just been sifting  through my new slow cooker recipe book, something easy to put in the cooker and leave sounds like a good plan.

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