Monday, 5 August 2013

I'm finally attaching binding

The past couple of weeks have been very busy.   I've had quilts to sew, early morning school drop offs with my grandson Connor and my sisters birthday.     As I have said before,  this year I am finishing all UFO's, I am feeling relieved  that I am finally sewing the binding to Connors stars and planets quilt, and I have another three quilts with my quilter.     I hope these will be ready in a couple of weeks, and then once I've sewn the bindings on these my cupboard will be bare, Yah,  just in time for my quilt group bus trip in October, where we visit patchwork shops that are usually too far away  for us to visit.     Who knows, I might find another project and more fabric to fill my cupboard with again.      I am currently sewing block three of Leanne Beasleys "Butterfly garden", this is my pick up and go project, because it has a lot of applique and embroidery I'm not in a rush to finish this.    I always need some work to take with me while at a my quilting group or when I visit some one, I will continue to take my time with this one.

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