Saturday, 11 August 2012

Winter melancholy

This is the wettest winter that we have had in sixteen years, unfortunately along with the rain is the overcaste miserable, dreary days.  The kind of days when you just want to stay in bed where it is warm or sit on the lounge wrapped in a quilt and knit, crochet, hand piece or just watch the Olympics on the television.  I am deffinately not a winter person, I always feel a little melancholy over these cold and wet months and look forward to the first sunshine of spring.  While at my daughters a couple of weeks ago she received flowers, after answering a knock at the door to a person delivering a large bunch of beautiful red roses she was excited to see they were from her partner who was at work and thinking of her.  That made me think that I miss those little surprises of unexpected gifts.  It has been a long time since I received flowers, except when I've been ill or in hospital.  These roses were so beautiful that I took a photo of them and now have them as a screen saver on my computer, I can look at them during the day and they make me feel good.  I can't wait till my roses are in bloom and the rest of the garden is alive with colour.  Hurry up Spring

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