Friday, 3 August 2012

Still Juicing

My daughter asked me yesterday if I was still juicing, the answer to that would be yes. The decision to add fresh vegetable and fruit juices to my diet was made over the New Year after reading about all the benefits that can be gained from including raw foods and juice in our diet.  Then I saw the documentary "Fat sick and nearly dead" with Joe Cross and my mind was made up that this was what I would do.  It wasn't untill my birthday though, when my kids bought me a Juice Fountain that I started.   I should say that the reason for me wanting to do this began after I was diagnosed with Addisons Desease, after being ill and so thin for such a long time I suddenly gained a lot of weight, 1kg a week, as this piled on I began to wonder if and when it would stop. For a shortie like me 68kg's was very scary, especially as the other side of this desease is Cushings Desease and I didn't want to go there.  I have one juice every morning, if for some reason I miss this I have a juice at night, and for the rest of the day I try to eat well. This morning my juice consisted of Silverbeet, celery, carrot, capsicum, apple, lemon, cucumber small piece of ginger and a kiwi fruit.

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