Wednesday, 22 August 2012

So much has happened

This is the first time since my last blog that I have had time to sit at the computer and put into words what has been happening.  Where to start, probably, with helping my daughter pack her things to move house, I had spent a few days during the week wrapping and boxing her things for her move.   Then last Thursday when she picked up the keys to her new house I said,  "why don't we just take a few boxes around and have a look at the house".   Before the day was over we had moved almost everything but the washing machine, the outdoor furniture and Deacon's swingset into the new house.  I have to say that if my son had not arrived with his trailer this would not have happened,  I'm not strong enough anymore to move furniture but the two of them did a great job. I was so exhausted moving boxes I can only imagine how tired they were.   On Friday night  I attended the Vietnam Veterans Long Tan dinner dance  it was a lovely night, the food was really good, the entertainment not so good but we still had a good time.   My daughter rang Saturday morning to say she had no power,  it had been on when we moved her things in but was turned off  during the afternoon.  Her and Deacon had stayed at her girlfriends on Friday night while it was sorted.  Well, it wasn't sorted, no, it would'nt be connected untill Tuesday.   They stayed with me over the weekend.   Friends that had moved into the mud brick house I spoke of a couple weeks ago organised a house-warming get together of old friends on Saturday afternoon, it was so good to see everyone together after so long. We laughed so much during the day that my ribs were sore for a few hours after I came home, the afternoon became evening and the bbque was lit for dinner, it was quite late when I arrived home, very full and happy.  We have promised each other that we will do this again.   Tuesday afternoon I noticed something at the door as I drove into the garage.  What a surprise,  there was a bunch of flowers on the step, they were from my daughter and grandson to thank me for being a wonderful mum and grandma and for all my help.  So lovely.

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