Monday, 27 August 2012

Stars for Connor

One of my young grandsons, Connor, asked me if I could make him a starry quilt.  After looking through all my magazines for stars, I came across Peaceful Stars by Erica Johnstone and Petra Davies in Patchwork and Quilting Vol.12 No6.   I decided to hand piece this quilt so I could take it with me when I went to craft morning.  I finished all the blocks early this year and have put them together,  I can't decide whether to add another border, Connors mum asked me not to make it too large,  I think it might need a small border though.  I will have to shop for the backing because I used it for another project, but am undecided, blue or red.   I don't like to quilt the childrens quilts, I send them off to be quilted on a long arm machine, they get so much wear and tear I think they need it.  Hope to have this one finished very soon.

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