Thursday, 30 August 2012

Up date on my craft room

I have cleaned and reaaranged the craft room and thanks to Pinterest have been busy making crafty things for this room. See if you can spot some of the things that I have done.  I still don't have the extra table I need so I'm still moving my sewing machine to the kitchen table along with my craft mat and bits and pieces. This means that if I'm expecting anyone I have to put everything away.   I can't find a table that is the same height as the table that I have my computer on.   Everything I have found is either to tall or too long, I will keep looking, I'm sure I'll find something eventually.  I can't use all the space in this room, because it is used by my grandchildren when they stay.  As you can see by the photo the cupboard also needs more shelving, or maybe an extra tidy.  I'll paint the brown bookshelves white over the summer months so these will look as good as the new shelves.

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