Monday, 19 March 2012

Strange Smell

lots of stars
I've recently noticed a strange smell in the corner of my bedroom, after searching for any food scraps that my grandson DJ could have dropped and finding nothing,  I've begun to wonder if I have a dead mouse or a rat in the wall cavity. We have had a mice plague here in Victoria over the past few months,  so I asked my daughters fiance to put some bait in the ceiling, which is why I think  this could be the reason for the smell.  I guess I'll have to put up with it till it goes, maybe buy some flowers to mask the smell. 

 I called into the local fabric shop today and found the perfect colour for the fairy quilt, they also had the fabric I used in the blocks, handy to know if I need more, now to cut out the applique pieces, the task I did'nt like too much.  Taping the pattern and freezer paper to the window and standing for ages to trace was definately hard work.  Not now though, because, I received a lightbox as another of my birthday gifts, this will make tracing so much easier. Thankyou to my sisters.  Last October I started handpiecing star blocks for a quilt for my grandson Connor ( who asked for sparkling stars)  I knew I would need something portable to stitch while I was staying in Sydney during the birth of my youngest grandson Noah.  These were put aside before christmas, so today I took them out and found I have enough blocks to sew the top, which I hope I will get time to do tomorrow after craft group.

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