Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The punch bowl

I  awoke to a dreary wet morning today, while it's great to see the rain I know that winter is just around the corner.  I'm not a winter person, I love to see some sunshine in the morning, it was clear and sunny this afternoon but,  that's not the same as waking up to a bright morning.  I was going to sew today but my daughter Jacinta and her partner worked night-shift last night, so while I was creeping around the house trying not to make much noise I thought it would be a better idea to go out.  I rang my daughter Taneesha, who was home from work,  we decided to do some scavenging through the op shops. Taneesha picked up several bargains, the best being two small casserole dishes with lids, still in their boxes. While searching through some things she called me over to see what she had found, a punch bowl with the cups and ladle. I had to laugh because it looked just like the one I had given away before moving into this house over three years ago. I had'nt used my punch bowl for so long that I thought I would'nt need it. Now, why is it when you have a clean out and get rid of the things you no longer use someone wants them. The girls have been making  punch ( alcoholic or just fruit) at the various family functions we have had recently, and have resorted to using a salad bowl and drinking glasses. I was talked into buying this today, I don't know where I'll be putting it. I just hope they continue to make a punch and use the punch bowl.
Jacinta was excited to see it when she came home, and so, I think I have a home for it.


  1. Lol we have been using one of those big vases!

  2. I love it! Fantastic entertaining dish and punch is so easy