Friday, 23 March 2012

Duplo blocks

Deacon playing with the Duplo
I have a large container in the spare room that holds the toys for my grandsons to play with when they visit. Some of these belonged to my children when they were younger and some I have purchased since my grandsons arrived. I had kept a bucket of Duplo blocks with cars and trains, these pieces all hook together to form a long train.  Isaac played with these when he was visiting a couple of weeks ago, he enjoyed making a plane from the blocks and varooming around the room with the cars.   Deacon hadn't shown much interest in these until he watched Isaac play with them, and now it is the first toy he takes from the container. This afternoon while my daughter was running errands I sat and watched and listened to him while he was engrossed in his game. I had to smile, something as simple as chasing cars around the floor had him totally enthralled.

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  1. That's my son (Isaac) teaching the world the joy of construction. I'm amazed at what he puts together. Looks like we have a new type of toy to get Deacon for his birthday.